Alan Anderson Design

My handcrafted furniture borrows ideas and elements from the honesty of Arts and Crafts style, the simplicity and functionality of the Shakers, the clarity of Scandinavian furniture and the wonderful lines of the Asian tradition. I pay meticulous attention to construction details, and I take great pride in the selection of the wood and the matching of grain and color.

My work includes some furniture reproductions or interpretations of furniture that I admire, but I prefer to create custom-designed furniture borrowing from a number of traditions. I am open to commissioned pieces and custom requests.

My work also has a rather different bent. I am deeply imbedded in the Scandinavian folk art tradition.

Scandinavia used wood in countless functional ways and developed its own aesthetic of design and ornamentation. Part of my time is devoted to producing very traditional or contemporary offshoots of Scandinavian folk art. This includes contemporary carved flying horses, svep boxes and trays, and traditional carved and painted ale bowls. The more I work with some of the old traditional Scandinavian folk art designs the more I understand the roots of modern Scandinavian design. The two traditions seem to flow together seamlessly.

Please feel free to call me at 1-608-356-1721 with any questions.

Alan Anderson